Adventure so far

Last week in Eren: Our group of adventurers, so far (the humanly wizardly Odish, the gregarious and seductive halfling bard Yarwin, and the short-fused half Orc Barak) met in the village of Bawic (couple days west of Hayton) Our party was introduced via some awkward tutorial level bat swarm slaying in a very strange woman’s basement. Then they were introduced to “the constable” a secretly disgruntled minion of the secretly vampiric secretly extremely powerful leader of Bawic, an inexplicably forthcoming figure named Willhye, whom the party also met, and who gave them a directive to murder another vampire (another powerful figure named Serica) they did some spelunking, impaled a Minotaur skeleton, met a chill hobgoblin named Terrance, and their actions killed off a very inappropriately named (gms fault) and irresponsibly deceived (odish’s fault) deaf companion, and they met the powerful vampire sorceress Serica in her lair. she told them she’d help them kill Willhye. Our adventurers capped off their adventure with a well deserved long rest a short distance from the cave, and leveled up from 1 to 2. Will Willhye bite the dust? Who really is this “Constable”? will Serica hold good to her promise? Why did that elven NPC from the tavern want to kill Barak so bad? Be sure to tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to the prologue of our main campaign.


mark_szoke mark_szoke

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